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. . . Under a fig tree, in the blistering morning sun of Galilee, a centurion kills for a sacred scroll.

Did Jesus write a gospel in his own hand? His
disciples say so, and one of their own has stolen it.

Days after the crucifixion, a centurion, Ras, is
tasked by the disciples of Jesus to find the missing
scroll of the man from Nazareth who would be
called the Christ.

Although sunlight can kill him, Ras, a man of war,
searches from the wastelands of Galilee and
Judea to the secret dungeons of the temple in

But Ras has been deceived. People are not who
they seem to be. A hidden truth is revealed under
the morning tree at the tip of a blade: to serve
Jesus with violence is to destroy his teaching . . .

A novel by Austin Reams

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